Through Pregnancy & Birth

Every birth is unique as you are so whether this is your first pregnancy, or you ninth, as your doula I will to support your choices and help you make informed decisions. I'm here to acknowledge your needs as an expectant mother, help you find the answers you’re looking for, enable you to advocate for the type of birth you would like, and provide emotional and physical support throughout your pregnancy and birth.

As a doula I will not give advice or intervene in medical situations, but I will use my knowledge and experience to help you feel confident in making informed choices for your birth and help you access the kind of care you want.

A postnatal doula

A postnatal doula will 'mother the mother' during the postnatal period. I'm here to make life easier for you after you give birth if you feel you need an extra pair of hands to help look after your newborn, or siblings, or make you a hot meal and get on top of the laundry, or take the dog for a walk. A postnatal doula is a listening ear and a helping hand for as long as you feel you need someone.

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