Closing the Bones

Rebozo used in Closing the Bones Massage

The use of scarves to support pregnancy, the postnatal period and infants has been used throughout the world across all of human history. Closing the Bones is a ritual ceremony that originates in South America, where it is still regularly performed today. It literally helps bind a woman's body back together physically after birth and ritually 'closes the body' as an act of completion after a woman has given birth. This ritual can support women after birth and potentially help relieve trauma.

I offer this ceremony either as a stand alone ritual or as part of a postpartum package. The ritual lasts roughly 2 hours and costs £45.

I walked into a beautifully prepared haven as Alex had taken the time and care to light the fire and brew a fresh herbal tea of winter warmth. I knew little about this ancient ceremony which has been found to have existed from Guatemala to Wales.

Alex gently explained the process and supported me to feel deeply peaceful and at ease. The ritual gave me space and opportunity to become re-attuned to the process of my own three births, the last of which was 4 years ago. I felt safe to allow the feelings and my 10 year journey of motherhood to rise to the surface; to reflect, to allow and to accommodate all the gifts I have been though. As the ceremony came to a close I felt a rush of light come through my body. As if I was being reborn!

Thank you Alex for this powerful, yet gentle experience. For rocking, massaging and binding me with such deep care and attention. I would highly recommend women to experience this...and only wish I have known about it sooner! "
Lucy 2018

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