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I cover Gloucestershire and parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire

Birth packages

I offer a standard birth package (which is outlined below) but I am also happy to tailor my services to your particular needs. Perhaps you just want someone with you for the birth or for the birth and postnatal period. Or perhaps you would like some specific antenatal teaching and don't want to go to a group class.

​Standard Birth Package

  • 3 antenatal sessions to meet and discuss your birth preferences, and to help you prepare for birth which includes a session about breastfeeding if you feel this is something you would like to do
  • An on-call period of one month around your due date (usually weeks 38-42, but this is flexible)
  • Support via email and phone 24/7
  • Support of the duration of your labour and birth
  • A postnatal session to de-brief the birth, meet your lovely baby again,  give you a chance to talk about anything you need to and provide breastfeeding support if you would like it.

What does this look like?

We will meet at least twice antenatally. During these meeting we’ll get to know each other, look at what you can expect from me, talk about what kind of birth you would like and discuss any questions you may have. You are free to call me at any point to voice concerns, ask questions or have a good moan about how knackered and enormous you feel, or tell me how wonderfully you're blooming!

I’ll be there at your birth, providing I haven’t fallen down the stairs or caught the lurgy, in which case a back up doula will be there for you. Unlike a midwife you call me as soon as you feel you’ve gone into labour - or even if you’re just not sure! If you want me there I’ll come immediately or if you just want to curl up in bed for a bit I’ll be there when you ask me to be. I'll stay with you throughout your birth to support you and your partner. Then I'll hang around a bit after your beautiful baby has arrived to make sure all is well and until you're happy for me to leave.

After your birth we'll meet at least once, or perhaps twice, postnatally if you feel you need a little more support, to ensure you and your little one are settling into life together comfortably.


The cost of the standard package is £850.00.

Prices for tailored services vary. Please contact me to discuss your needs.​

Vouchers are available from Doula UK if your loved ones want to contribute and there is an Access Fund available through Doula UK for those who are unable to meet the cost of having a doula.

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