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I cover Gloucestershire and parts of Wiltshire, Bristol and Oxfordshire

Investing in your birth

I offer a bespoke birth package created around a basic framework, tailoring my services to your particular needs .

You want a calm connected birth

Meeting at least twice antenatally we’ll get to know each other and dive deeply into what your expectations are for your birth and how you can achieve this.

You know knowledge is power! So I'll help you research your choices, support your ideas and navigate the maternity system.


Do you feel you need continuity pregnancy and birth?

You are free to call me at any point to voice concerns, ask questions or have a good moan about how knackered and enormous you feel (or tell me how wonderfully you're blooming)!

I’ll be there every step of the way providing compassionate, intelligent care and support to ensure you have a positive birth experience.

Unlike a midwife you call me as soon as you feel you’ve gone into labour - or even if you’re just not sure!

If you want me there I’ll come immediately or if you just want to curl up in bed for a bit I’ll be there when need me.

When you're ready I will be with you supporting you every step of the way.


Imagine your journey into motherhood supported by someone who is there for you and your baby

I will be with you throughout your birth. I will provide emotional and physical support if you need it or provide back up to your birth partner.

I will then stay with you and your little one until you are settled and happy for me to leave. You are still able to contact me at any point over the next two weeks after the birth if you have questions or concerns that you need help with.

Once you and your little one are settled at home I will visit you postnatally to ensure you're settling into this next episode of your lives together. If you have any issues then we can use this time to tackle them or I can help you secure any additional help you may need.


​Birth Package framework 

  • 2/3 antenatal sessions to meet and discuss your birth preferences, and to help you prepare for birth which includes a session about breastfeeding if you feel this is something you would like to do
  • An on-call period of one month around your due date (usually weeks 38-42, but this is flexible)
  • Access to my library of resources, TENS machine, birth balls etc
  • Support via email and phone 24/7
  • Support of the duration of your labour and birth
  • A postnatal session to de-brief the birth, meet your lovely baby again,  give you a chance to talk about anything you need to and provide breastfeeding support if you would like it.


The cost of the bespoke birth package is £970.00.

Prices for tailored services may vary if you require additional meetings or resources. Please contact me to discuss your needs.​

Vouchers are available from Doula UK if your loved ones want to contribute and there is an Access Fund available through Doula UK for those who are unable to meet the cost of having a doula.

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