Calm Connected Birth Sessions

Online antenatal support

I know many parents are feeling extremely anxious about their pregnancies and antenatal provision at the moment and I can only sympathise with how difficult it must be.

In order to ensure I'm meeting the needs of parents in these truly strange times I'm offering my Calm Connected Birth preparation sessions online via zoom.

You can book on to a group session, if they are available, which will be 4 sessions and your PDF information packs and a wellness gift for £99.

If you would like bespoke private sessions these will be £125 for 4 sessions, your PDF information packs and a wellness gift.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the classes or would like to book a place.

Calm Connect Birth Group Sessions

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I’m sure like most parents you're really excited to be meeting your little one soon but I understand if you’re also feeling a little overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information out there about your pregnancy and birth. Perhaps you’re feeling a certain amount of fear as well.

That’s ok, it’s completely understandable. Now you’re pregnant I’m sure you will have noticed that everyone has an opinion about your pregnancy and birth - what to eat, how give birth, where to give birth, whether you should breastfeed, even what to call your baby.

This is why, having witnessed a lot of birth as a doula, I wanted to create a series of antenatal sessions that would help you cut through the overwhelm of information so you feel prepared for your birth and able to make informed, evidence based decisions.

There isn’t a magic formula for having “the perfect birth”, there is no right or wrong way to give birth and everyone’s journey and birth are different but there are simple things you can do to have a more positive birth experience.

These sessions will equip you with the knowledge and emotional strength to make informed choices during birth, provide a safe space for you to explore how you feel about giving birth and meet other parents.

We will be covering but not limited to:

  • Exploring the physiology of birth - how labour works, what to expect in labour, why labour isn’t alway textbook
  • The importance of the mind / body connection for birth
  • Non-medicalised pain relief, partner support (breath work, massage etc)
  • How to write a birth preferences - the importance of knowing and understanding your boundaries and choices
  • How to navigate the system if things don’t go the way you're hoping for. Exploring your options and making informed choices (covering induction and caesarean section, the use of medication in birth)
  • Breastfeeding/ Bottle feeding
  • 4th Trimester - what to expect in the early days, adjusting to life with a newborn, how to seek help, exploring the changing relationship dynamic, writing a postnatal plan.

These sessions take place at The Lansdown Clinic in Stroud. £160 for 5 weeks including refreshments, a goody bag and 1-2-1 doula tech support.

So if you’d like to experience a different type of antenatal session - one which will help you feel calm and connected to your baby, able to tap into your instincts, provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and work out the kind of birth you want save your space now.


Tailored antenatal sessions

Because each pregnancy and birth is unique you may feel you would like one on one support with a specific area of your pregnancy or birth.  Bespoke antenatal sessions offer you this.

  • Create a deeper connection with your baby and enable your partner to connect with your baby in utero
  • Address underlying fears or concerns you may have about your pregnancy or the birth
  • Help you work through previous birth trauma
  • Tailor non-medicalised coping techniques to your unique needs
  • ​Draw up a unique birth preferences
  • Birth rehearsal scenarios
  • Answer specific questions or needs your birth partner may have and help them to best support you through your birth experience.
  • Basic breastfeeding support
  • ​Tips and techniques for your postnatal period. Drawing up a postnatal care plan.

All these things and many more can be addressed through bespoke antenatal sessions. You can have as many sessions as you like. Contact me to discuss your unique antenatal package.

Tailored antenatal sessions are charged at £60 for a 2 hour session OR £250 for a course of between 8 -10 hours teaching, over a time period of your choosing.

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